What is

ReVou is a community of users, be they friends or strangers to each other, they remain updated through the sending of messages about what they are doing or feeling at certain times in their lives. Finally, all are responding to a main question: What am I doing now?

Through ReVou you can keep updated on what your friends are doing at that moment or even making friends through it. Bloggers can use it as a "mini-blogs" and developers can use its API to develop applications on the ReVou.

The is free?

Yes, the is completely free, that same, use any of its services at will.

How does it work?

You can send messages of 2 ways: through its IM (Instant Messenger or Communicator Snapshot-be it MSN, Gtalk, Jabber, AIM or Yahoo) or through the site ReVou. Soon we allowing your sending and receiving messages via their mobile phone.

Can I use the ReVou with my phone?

Yes we allowing you to publish your messages from your cell phone and also receive messages from their friends through it. Wait!

Can I use the ReVou with my IM (Instant Messenger)?

Yes Once you have made your login, go to Settings and configure your IM. He will be presented the ID of ReVou. Add it to your Friends List on your IM and when you want to publish a message is so call him and write as if you are writing to a friend. We support virtually all major IMs existing (MSN, Gtalk, Jabber, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo). Remember that the most characters you can write to your IM are 140. If you write more than that, the text is truncated.

The ReVou supports html in your messages?

No, for security reasons the ReVou not allow html in your messages.

Can I follow someone who is a user of ReVou?

Each user has a link on your page "Follow + Name of the user." When you click on this link, you will be following this person, that is, you receive new messages this person in your IM, in your e-mail or via website. At the same time this person comes into your list followers.

How do I continue Following a user but not to receive their messages in my IM, e-mail or website?

Go to this page and click user NOT RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF + Name of the user. He will continue in his list Followers but you no longer receive notification of their messages.

Can I stop following a User?

Go to this user's porfile page and click "Stop following + Name of the user". He will be removed from its list of Followers and you also no longer be receiving notices of their messages.

How do I know that someone is me Following?

Go to your personal page and click on the link Followers. You will see all the users who are following him. You have the option to also begin following them.

Can I block any user on issues of Abuse?

Yes On page profile of the user you will find a Block link. After blocked, you will no longer appear in your list of Followers, their messages will not appear in your Home Page and he no longer could follow you. He will not be notified that was blocked. This blockade is not irreversible, if you change your mind, you can easily unlock this user following the same steps above.

Can I send a user a message Direct?

Yes, in the user's profile page, click on the send direct message link

How do I find my messages Direct?

Go to your page. Click "Direct Messaging" on the right side of your profile to see all those messages that you received from users of ReVou. To see the messages sent by you, click "Outbox"

How do I receive notifications only from Direct Messages sent to me and not more than all messages written by users I follow?

Go to your page and click on the option that relates only to receive notifications of Direct Messaging.

I have the option to choose where I want to receive notifications of new messages from users that I follow?

Yes, go to your page and there you have the option to choose receive notifications directly into your IM in your e-mail or only through the web.

What are Answers Public?

You can respond or comment publicly any message in ReVou. For this click the "answer" to the end of any message and the response / comment will be received by all those that followed.

Who can read my New Messages posted? Can I do that only my friends can read them?

You can decide. During his record or in Settings, you can make your messages public or accessible only to those people you allowed to follow it. By default, all messages are public. If you do not want your new messages are read by strangers, go to "Settings" and make that only persons authorized by you have access to them.
To allow this access, you must also add this person on your list Followers. Added, this person can read their messages.

Can I edit my messages after its publication?

No. You can delete them but not edit them.

Can I save messages as Favorites?

Yes, you can save any public post or friends in Your Favorites clicking on the icon in the "heart". If I delete a message in specific Your Favorites go to the message and click again this icon. You notice that he will change.

What is the maximum size of my messages?

The maximum limit is 140 characters web. If you leading a message of their IM above this limit, this message will be truncated.

There is a limit of new messages that Can I lead?

No, leading many messages you want.

I am receiving many messages in my in my IM or email. What do I do?

You can stop receiving messages from some people that you follow without stop receiving of all. Go to the page of this person you do not want to receive more notices and click NOT RECEIVE NOTIFICATIONS OF + Surname.

How do I "Nudge" a user?

If a person has not published a message on the site some time ago and you want to see her a new message, you can send a "Nudge" clicking on the Nudge link on the user's profile. A notification reaches him via email asking him to create a new message.

Can I customize my pages of ReVou, changing the role of Wall and colors?

Yes, go to SETTINGS and then LAYOUT. There you can change your wallpaper-and colors of various items of your page: balloons, boxes, borders, links and text.

Can I put the ReVou in my blog / site?

Yes You can put the embeddable ReVou widgets anywhere that accepts Flash, Javascript or HTML, and can even customize it to accommodate better if you have a blog. Go to SETTINGS and then MY STICKERS.

There is an API for ReVou?

Yes, you can find it at the bottom of the Menu site.

How do I erase my account and leave the ReVou?

Go to SETTINGS and then REMOVE MY ACCOUNT. Keep in mind we do not guarantee that you can return to ReVou with the same surname because from there he will be available for others to use.